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"My mission is to inspire everyone to see & meet their world, their home, Earth. I believe that the ability to travel is a human right. We dream about going to exotic lands like Laos, India, Nebraska... but too frequently feel held back by fear, finances, or work (take your PTO!). Cheema’s Travel’s idea of luxury is more about gaining access to parts of the world or “unlocking” doors that are closed to the public and having truly remarkable experiences that will move you. Some don't have the time to plan or would like to have an expert plan a stress free trip and take care of the chaos. Others want to see the world but aren't sure how to research because info on the internet is SO VAST! Whatever your reason, I'm here."

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“My goal isn't to visit as many countries as possible, but to truly understand the place I'm visiting and the people that I meet.”



Travel unites. Travel bridges cultures. Travel connects us to our fellow bothers and sisters around the world. Cheema’s NYC LLC. as a brand believes that love is love and we welcome people of color, religions, sexual orientation, genders, non-genders, aka HUMANS.


Why do we do what we do?

1. We want to bridge cultural gaps. Connect with out fellow humans on the other side of the planet.

2. We use food to do this because… we all love to eat!

3. We want to me travel easier and the world more accessible.

4. We are all about community.

5. We are looking to change and heal the world. See our Social Responsibly page.

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