Culinary Retreats

We are unabashedly passionate about curating small group culinary trips are for those who love to travel independently but would also love to reap the benefits of being part of a small group with like minded foodies, chefs, eaters, makers, brewers and drinks.

These culinary adventures are for all folx, some designed just for self-idenfitying females and non-gender food & wine enthusiasts. These immersive experiences are meant to connect travelers to their fellow brothers and sister overseas, their history and culture through food.
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Picky Eaters Be Warned


5 Reason To Travel With Us?

+ You Want Someone Else To Figure It Out
You want to be able to turn your brain off and not have to wonder “What am I doing next? How do I get there? Do I need to tip?” Founder, Rani, travels with every group to ensure that you feel supported and taken care of.

+ You’re Concerned With Over-tourism
You want to have an amazing adventure but you don’t want to leave a bigger carbon footprint in these destinations or have the locals sucking their teeth at you. Cheema’s Travel aims to be as green as possible and mindful about over-tourism by not adding more traffic, carbon into the air, over crowding the locals, and supporting small businesses.

+ Authenticity
You aim to be authentic in your everyday life… why stop when you’re traveling? We keep it real at Cheema’s Travel, so real some times it takes us months to find the right partners and travelers for these trips. We want you to have local experiences and “worth it” experiences that locals might not do, like a sunset cruise in Lisbon.

+ You Have Food Allergies
Picky eaters cannot be helped but those who are allergic can be supported. Being a foodie and having food allergies sucks, we get it, our founder has them herself. We want to create a safe and delicious space for our travelers.

+ No Single Supplements*
With most group trips, solo travelers have to pay an additional $400-$800 for their own room, but not with us. You want to feel independent while traveling in a small group, thats the point of these trips. *Few trips have mandatory room share options expect for travelers who need privacy.


Upcoming Culinary Retreats


March 22 - 28, 2020



April 03 - 10, 2020

South Korea


April 17 - 25, 2020

Coffee in Japan


May 9 - 16 2020



May 2020

Galicia, Spain


June 2020



October 2020

Iran for Womxn


October 2020

South Africa


November 2020

Diwali in Punjab


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