Rani Cheema


My mission is to inspire everyone to see & meet their world, their

home, Earth. I believe that the ability to travel is a human right.

We dream about going to exotic lands like Laos, India,

Nebraska... but too frequently feel held back by fear, finances, or

work (take your PTO!).

Cheema’s Travel’s idea of luxury is more about gaining access

to parts of the world or “unlocking” doors that are closed to the

public and having truly remarkable experiences that will move you.

Some don't have the time to plan or would like to have an expert

plan a stress free trip and take care of the chaos. Others want to

see the world but aren't sure how to research because info

on the internet is SO VAST! Whatever your reason, I'm here.


My goal isn't to visit as

many countries as possible,

but to truly understand the

place I'm visiting and the

people that I meet.


Travel unites. Travel bridges cultures. Travel connects us to our fellow bothers and sisters around

the world. Cheema’s NYC LLC. as a brand believes that love is love and we welcome people

of color, religions, sexual orientation, genders, non-genders, aka HUMANS.

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Fun facts

1. "CHEEMA" is a Punjabi Jat warrior clan.

2. Board Member of the Young Travel Professionals New York Branch.

3. Former Art Director at Food Network & Cooking Channel.

Designed faux labels & packaging to TV shows.

4. Founded the Gwangju Foodies Group and was the Food Editor

of the Gwangju News in South Korea.

5. I usually base my travels on what I want

to eat, not on the sites. I once traveled

from to Gaziantep, Turkey for a kebab....

it was pretty spectacular.

6. 나는한국음식을주문할수있습니다.

7. Space Camp Alumnus.


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