Puerto Rico

Together, we can help Puerto Rico recover

In September 2017, Hurricane Maria became the worst

storm to hit Puerto Rico in over 80 years, destroying a third

of the homes on the island1, causing the largest blackout

in U.S. history, and creating over $90 billion in damages.

Small businesses were severely impacted, with an

estimated 10,000 still closed today. Because Puerto Ricoʼs

local communities are powered by small businesses,

helping them recover is critical to the islandʼs economic

and social recovery.

15% of your Travel Planning fee will go to Puerto Rico

Relief fund. 100% of donations from Google go to directly

to small business via Mercy Corps and Hispanics

Federation. Want to donate directly, right now? Sweet!



I want you to meet Patrick, a 15 year old kid from

Northern Uganda, was born deaf. Unable to communicate

with his family or attend school and unable to make

friends, his father sent him to work in the fields, he was

trapped in his own mind.

A man from a near by village started teaching classes for

deaf villagers and Patrick was one of those students.

After 15 years of being trapped in his own head, he finally had

a signed name that he could recognize.

Watching Patrick's story I knew that I needed to build a

successful business where I would make people happy and

make their dreams come true. I'm able to do this for my

clients and I hope to be able to do this for people like


I hope to open schools for the deaf in remote parts of the

world for not just the deaf students but for their families

and I hope they can bring what they have learned to

others. I would love to be able to provide short term

housing and transportation for those who can't travel far.

Thank you Patrick!