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Join like-minded small group of foodies, Sommeliers, Chefs, Oenologist, and drinkers on this wine centric exploration of one of the most enchanting places on Earth, Switzerland.

Why Switzerland? Only 1% of Swiss wines are exported, what is exported is marked up pretty high. Besides the wines being expensive to export they... are... AMAZING. So why would the Swiss want to share? Which is just one of the reasons I've designed this custom frolic through the country. 

Another BIG reason is that Switzerland will be celebrating one of the largest wine festivals in the world that also only happens to happen every 20 years, this year is the year! We will be there for opening day, enjoy the parades, the Swiss, France, German, and Italy delicacies, and taste wine.

We will also travel as green as we can using rail, ferries, funicular, and a car when we need it.



Fete des Vignerons!
Recognized by UNESCO, which has placed it on the representative list of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity, the Winegrowers Festival unites generations, brings together people from cities, countryside and vineyards, indigenous and foreign, and allows everyone to to surpass oneself and to transcend oneself by participating collectively in a unique show in the world. The event itself will be skipped due to the fact that is hours long and in French. We will enjoy the festivities and shows in town, thats where the real fun is.

The Cheese
The focus of this experience is the Swiss wine but… cheese goes amazing with wine! We will feast on everything from fondue to 3 Michelin Star meals.

Experiencing Switzerland like a local
But with just a bit on more….

We will have access to one some of the most luxurious Swiss experiences including the Alpine Spa (the spa in the sky).

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Your 7 Night Itinerary


Day 1

Welcome to Lausanne!

Say “Hello” and then “Goodbye” to Zurich! We arrive into this city and to then catch the most efficient rail line in the world to the lovely city of Lausanne where we will check-into our hotel by the lake. For lunch we will have our first tasting of wine and Swiss delicacies! This all takes place in the stunning terraces of the UNESCO Heritage vineyards, Lavaux Vineyards which over look Lac Léman (Lake Geneva) and France. 

You might be asking, “Why a light lunch?” It’s because I want to make sure you have enough room in your belly for the 8 course “Welcome Dinner” at Hotel de ville de Crisser. Crissier, near Lausanne, is world famous to food lovers for its Hôtel de Ville, with 3 Michelin stars and19/20 points in the Gault Millau. Since Frédy Girardet – the ‘best chef in the world’ – arrived in 1965, the restaurant has been a leader in French-style fine dining.

Lunch and Dinner
Hotel Royal Savoy


Day 2

Fete des Vignerons

Today you will be one of the few non-Swiss locals to experience the Fetes des Vignerons!  We will arrive into Vevey via the Swiss Rail to this generational (every 20 year) wine event celebrating all that is Swiss wine. This day you will have to yourself to explore, have your own tastings of wine and Swiss, French, German, and Italian delights. Parades start at 11:30 so we will head out right after breakfast.

Breakfast and Dinner
Hotel Royal Savoy


Day 3

Gruyères & Bern

From Lausanne we head by private car to the sweet smelling and tasting medieval town of Gruyères. Where we will take a leisurely stroll through the town with our local guide and have the most famous export from Switzerland, fondue & raclette. We will of course pay a visit to the Cailler Chocolate factory then end our day in Bern, the capital of Switzerland where you will have your free time.

Breakfast and Lunch
Hotel Schweizerhof


Day 4

Bern, the tiny capital

Welcome to Bern! Home of Albert Einstein, the Tolberone, and one of the oldest working clocktowers in the world.

On our Bern tour with our local guide, we will walk through Old Town of Bern and visit Einstein’s House. This river’s water is provided by the glaciers from the Alps and is a summer time retreat for the locals. We will enjoy dinner together where you’ll have the opportunity to eat an elephant sized schnitzel, one of the best in Switzerland (I personally opt for the kids sized one).

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
Hotel Schweizerhof


Day 5


On this morning we will head to Lucerne and head directly to the awe inspiring Buergenstock Resort & Spa on Buergenstock Mountain. Here you will have the options to explore the town of Lucerne or enjoy the spa. These last two days will be 80% on your own.

Breakfast and Dinner
Buergenstock resort


Day 6

Alpine Spa & Lucerne

On this last full day in Switzerland and at the magnificent Buergenstock Mountain, I want you to spend the day relaxing at the spa which is complimentary to our travelers ONLY. If you already had the chance to enjoy the spa and want to explore, thats also your choice. These last two days are free(ish). We will meet for a final dinner together at Oak Grill a nose to tail, farm to table restaurant. 

Breakfast and Dinner
Buergenstock resort



Buergenstock Selection is a brand of luxury hotels whose focus is food, wine, and relaxation in some of the loveliest cities and landscapes Switzerland has to offer.

Royal Savoy is located on Lac Leman (Lake Geneva) in Lausanne and offers views of France from across the lake.

Hotel Schweizerhof Bern is located in the city of Bern, walking distance from everything including spectacular views of the river and mountains. The 5 star spa os not to be missed.

Palace Burgenstock Hotel is located on top of Burgenstock Mountain that over looks Lake Lucerne and the city of Lucerne. Here is where we get to experience the breathtaking Alpine Spa,



This trip is programmed as a group departure preset for up to 10 people from July 17 2019 to July 23, 2019. Programs and events may change slightly according to the festival calendar and weather.

Price $6,000USD per person in single occupancy with no single supplement. Inclusions are everything mentioned in itineraery. Does not include air, travel insurance, most meals.

Please read Terms & Conditions. To book email or call Rani Cheema at + 1 212-340-0274 or book now!

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