Join us

Join us on this guided group tour to the heart of

Mexicoʼs Day of the Dead celebrations in Oaxaca

for a unique and authentic Mexican experience.

Discover all there is to know about this Mexican

holiday. Immerse yourself in the celebration of Day

of the Dead in Oaxaca as its communities prepare to

joyfully invite their loved onesʼ spirits back to earth

with stunning displays and celebrations. Youʼll be

captivated by colorful altars, bustling local markets,

and vibrant festivities as you gain an intimate

understanding of this unique celebration that honors

and celebrates passed loved ones. AS OF JULY 6, 4


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Ofrenda and Altar Exhibitions

Visit various exhibits, festival displays, and cemeteries

to understand the significance of Day of the Dead

elements such as the cempasuchil flower and the

colors and objects that adorn the altars


Tour this Colonial UNESCO World Heritage city, with

its cobbled streets and colonial structures and


Monte Albán and Mitla Archaeological Sites

Visit these sacred ceremonial sites and explore

ancient tombs

Traditional Food and Drinks

Experience the art of mezcal production and savor

authentic “Pan de Muerto,” Bread of the Dead, a

special treat prepared only during the Día de los

Muertos season

Artisan Route

Visit some of Oaxacaʼs indigenous towns where they

continue centuries-old traditions of handicrafts. Towns

may include Teotitlán del Valle, San Martín Tilcajete,

San Bartolo Coyotepec, and Santo Tomás Jalieza


Join families as they honor their loved ones graveside


Your 8 Day Itinerary


Day 1

Arrival Day to Oaxaca

Upon arrival to the airport, meet your guide who

will be coordinating your transfer to the hotel Hotel

Quinta Real Oaxaca. Check-in to the lovely Quinta

Real Oaxaca, where you may relax and wander

this historical property or choose to stroll the city

streets before meeting your guide at for briefing

and welcome dinner at Casa Crespo.


Day 2

Discovering Oaxaca: An Exploration of the

Historical Center

Your guide will meet the group at the hotel and

lead you through the colonial UNESCO World

Heritage city of Oaxaca. Walking its cobbled

streets, observing its vibrant squares, colonial

structures and numerous churches, you will learn

about Oaxacaʼs historical and cultural importance.

You will be guided through the central plaza

(Zócalo) to the largest central market of Oaxaca,

where you will learn about the different handicrafts

of Oaxaca before trying samples of foods such as

Oaxacan cheese and grasshoppers. Next, you will

head to the traditional chocolate mills to see how

they work and taste Oaxacaʼs specialty chocolate.

During the day, the group will have time for lunch

at a local restaurant to taste and sample some

sample specialty dishes of Oaxacaʼs rich cuisine.

In the evening guests will have free time to wander

in the city center or go back to the hotel.


Day 3

Mezcal Tour and Mitla with

“Pan de Muerto” Bakery

This full-day experience will take the group on

an exploration of the art of mezcal production

and a journey into Mesoamerica at the ceremonial

site of Mitla. We will also stop at a bakery

for an overview of the traditional bread used

around the country in Day of the Dead celebrations.

Starting in Mitla, explore its tombs and intricate

mosaic work. Your journey then leads far away from

the regular tourist mezcal hotspots, where you

will meet real, quality producers of the

traditional liquor who will teach you about the

different distillation techniques used to make,

what locals refer to as the elixir of the gods.

Before heading back to Oaxaca, the group will

stop in a small pueblo famous for its production

of pan de muerto – a special bread only made

during the season of Dia de los Muertos. We will

visit one of the 20 bakeries in town and learn

what the shapes on the bread means and why it is

used so popularly throughout this holiday as

an offering to the deceased.


Day 4

Observing Day of the Dead: Altar Offerings,

Market Visit, and Cemeteries’ at night

Prepare yourself for a long day full of new

experiences that will bring you closer to

understanding the history and intimacies

of the Day of the Dead.

The day begins with a visit the sprawling central

market of Oaxaca, covering several city blocks.

During the week of Day of the Dead, the market is

full of vibrant, seasonal offerings and you will

have a chance to see the locals hurrying to buy

fresh bread and marigolds, candles, incense, sugar

skeleton skulls, and more traditional altar

offerings for tonight’s observance. You will be

captivated by the sights, sounds and smells of the

bustling market in this unique experience of

getting to see how Oaxaca prepares for this

very special night.

After the market, our day continues towards the

local cemeteries to observe how typical “Altares

de Muertos” are made. You will learn the

significance behind each aspect of the altar,

such as what the levels, gifts, and offerings

represent, and the cultural beliefs between

the connection of life and death on this day.

Later this evening, once the sun has set, meet

again to continue with our highlight of the

day: the Observance of Day of Dead at night

First stop at San Miguel Cemetery, one of the

many sacred places in Oaxaca, for an inauguration

event where magic explodes in the form of ten

thousand candle flames, softly swirling and

beautifully illuminating 2,000 niches of the

cemetery. We will then continue towards the small

village of Xoxocotlan to meet a local family and

share dinner as special guests in their home. You

will have a chance to try the traditional tamales, 

pan de muerto bread, and the special hot chocolate

that goes with it. After dinner, we will join the

family on their visit to the local Xoxocotlan

cemetery and help them decorate one of their

ancestors’ tombs. After midnight, you will witness

how the entire town gradually fills the cemetery

with flowers and candles, adorning the graves of

their loved ones and sitting patiently by the

tombstone all night waiting for their loved

one’s arrival.


Day 5

Explore the Ancient Zapotec City of Monte Alban,

Villages for “Comparsas” & free night

Today, the group will visit Monte Alban, one of

the oldest cities of Mesoamerica, known for its

importance as a ceremonial center where more than

150 tombs have been found. A site of the Zapotecs

and the Mixtecs, it is still considered a sacred

site by shamans today. Explore the site with our

bilingual guide who will lead you around, explaining

what is known about Monte Alban and what still

remains a mystery.

After your visit, enjoy a traditional lunch in

Oaxaca’s north valley and then witness the famous

comparsas,  a carnival-like event special to Dia de

los Muertos where locals dress up in colorful

costumes and parade through the streets.

We will walk with the locals for a while as we

admire this unique celebration.

Once we are back in Oaxaca City the rest of the

night and dinner will be at leisure.


Day 6

Teotitlan with traditional lunch with local

family, Visit Cemetary & Evening at Leisure

Departing from Oaxaca late in the morning the

group will visit Teotitlán del Valle where Zapotec

traditions live on in contemporary form within

the woven goods.  Visiting the town, whose church

lies on visible remains of a Zapotec temple, you

will meet a family of weavers and be shown how

the wool is processed and how they make a huge

variety of colors using natural dyes such as

cochineal, violet and pomegranate. You will also

be able to see how traditional Zapotec designs

and glyphs live on in their contemporary work.

Our experience will include a lunch and cooking

class hosted by an indigenous Oaxacan family to

their local dishes. We´ll not just observe our

friends working in the kitchen but also accompany

them as we learn how they cook with Nixtamal,

one of the most traditional ingredients for

making corn tortillas.

Afterward our experience with the family, we will

visit a cemetery to see some more Day of the Dead

traditions and how this indigenous town celebrates.

Back in Oaxaca enjoy rest of evening and dinner

on your own at leisure.



Located in the heart of Mexico, this exclusive

jewel of the Collection reflects the viceregal

splendor of New Spain. Quinta Real Oaxaca is found

in the city's central zone at 30 minutes' distance

from the Benito Juárez Airport and one block from

both the Santo Domingo Cultural Center and the

Tourist Walkway that houses the best galleries,

museums and handicraft stores.

Quinta Real Oaxaca is a magical place where you

can travel through an enormous amount of history

by means of its monuments, art, traditions and


Upon arrival to the airport, meet your guide

who will be coordinating your transfer to the

hotel Hotel Quinta Real Oaxaca. Check-in to the

lovely Quinta Real Oaxaca, where you may relax

and wander this historical property or choose

to stroll the city streets before meeting your

guide at for briefing and welcome dinner at

Casa Crespo.



This trip is programmed as a group departure preset for up to 14 people from
October 28 to November 04, 2018. Programs and events may change slightly
according to the festival calendar released later in the year.

Prices start at $4,995 USD per person in double occupancy for this group tour. Does not include air or travel insurance.

To learn more email or call Rani Cheema at + 1 212-340-0274.